Quick Update (QD)

13 09 2010

Well to make this short..

I recently found this cool website called http://www.japanesesportcars.com/ type this link into your http:// bar or whatever you want to call this and take a check out at some sweeeettttt pics of this Honda. SO put this one into you http:// bar and check these Honda’s out: http://www.japanesesportcars.com/1993-custom-honda-civic-hatchback-mugen-m7-wheels_13503.html


Tune-(R) Maggizene Teaser.

5 09 2010

Hey everybody, if you haven’t already heard I am starting a magazine called Tune-(R) it is a Japanese magazine and well seeing how this a J-Spec/ JDM Blog, I thought that it was appropriate to talk about it, so here it is below-

and that is it… so in my final closing statements, you’ll see it on shelves soon enough.

Updates of The Day.

29 03 2010

Well this is the update of the day.


go here, top stories AMD athalon processor

Blog War

26 03 2010

Well, to update some, I have to tell you go here.


I don’t know but whatever


17 03 2010

http://bostonautoshows.com/events-calendar.htm recently showed us a little something that we all need. H.I.N 2010 baby! YEA! I seriously can’t wait for it to come cause when it comes, I will be there.

See the pics below:

Yeah can’t wait…!

The Flooding In MA as of 4.15.2010

16 03 2010

As of today in our area know as Massachusetts we have experienced flooding, here are some pics

Hellatight and Hellafunctional

14 03 2010

This website is fantastic:

Finally a site dedicated to trashing the stupid ricer (and not remotely jdm) “hellaflush” trend and post real motorsports cars.

Real race cars rocking hellafunctional stickers…



If you don’t know what “hellaflush” / aggressive fitment (rawr) / “wrong fitment krew” are, here are some useful (hilarious) links:

My favorite comment:  ”herra frush.  Its the only way to take a 40k dollar sports car and make it functionally slower than a camry.”



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